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Overwatch Betting Guide

Overwatch Betting: Moneyline Explained

Overwatch LogoOverwatch betting on the moneyline, you bet on a team to win the match or on a “best of” series. Below are 2 examples, 1 on a single match and the other on a best of 3 match series.

Example #1: Single match moneyline bet. Renegades vs Complexity Gaming, you bet on Renegades moneyline. The match ends 3-2 Renegades. This mean you won the bet.

Example #2: Best of 3 match series between Fnatic vs Misfits. You bet Misfits moneyline to win the series. Misfits beat Fnatic 2-1 to win the series. Which result in you winning your bet.

Overwatch Betting: Spread Explained

Overwatch betting against the spread is my favorite style. Overwatch spread betting is normally used for a best of 3 or best of 5 series. You can bet on a team to win and by x amount of maps. Also, you could bet on a team to lose within x amount of maps or they win.

For example, Immortals vs Kungarna in a best of 3 series. The bookies have Immortals favorited by 1.5 maps. You bet Kungarna +1.5, which means you betting on Kungarna to lose within 1.5 maps or win. Immortals win the series 2-1. This means Kungarna lost by 1 map. You win the bet because they lost within 1.5 maps.


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