Overwatch League Betting Tips For Thursday, March 22, 2018

    Houston Outlaws Mccree
    Overwatch League Houston Outlaws - Mccree, Photo by Junaidrao

    Free Overwatch League betting tips for Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 matches; Houston Outlaws vs Seoul Dynasty, New York Excelsior vs Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising.

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    Houston Outlaws vs Seoul Dynasty

    Season Records: Outlaws: 11-8, Dynasty: 13-5

    Maps: Hanamura, Nepal, King’s Row, Watchpoint: Gibraltar
    Match Time: Thursday March 22, 2018 7:00 PM EST
    Outlaws Betting Odds: ML: +497, Spread: +1.5 (+245)
    Dynasty Betting Odds: ML -840, Spread: -1.5 (-338)

    By looking at the season record you would think this would be a super close match right? Well that would be wrong as we look deeper into the numbers. Since stage 2 began the Outlaws have been struggling and currently have a losing record. I do expect Seoul Dynasty to win this match but given how much of a favorite they are I can’t bet on the moneyline. Which makes me look at the spread. Houston is a team that every well could take a map or two but Dynasty will win in the end. I wouldn’t mind if the Outlaws took only one map so I am betting against the spread for Seoul. I might even do some bets per map to hedge my bet.

    My Pick: Seoul Dynasty -1.5

    New York Excelsior vs Dallas Fuel

    Season Records: Excelsior: 16-2, Fuel: 5-13

    Maps: Hanamura, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Watchpoint: Gibraltar
    Match Time: Thursday March 22, 2018 9:00 PM EST
    Excelsior Betting Odds: ML: -6250, Spread: -1.5 (-1010)
    Fuel Betting Odds: ML +1196, Spread: +1.5 (+561)

    I am staying away from this match because the odds aren’t great. I mean we all know New York is going to win right? So the only thing to do is look at the odds and both moneyline and spread shows how much of a favorite the Excelsior are so its a pointless bet unless you don’t mind betting $1,010 to win $100 if you’re betting against the spread.

    My Pick: New York Excelsior

    San Francisco Shock vs Boston Uprising

    Season Records: Shock: 6-13, Uprising: 10-8

    Maps: Hanamura, Nepal, Hollywood, Route 66
    Match Time: Thursday March 22, 2018 11:00 PM EST
    Shock Betting Odds: ML: +218, Spread: +1.5 (-105)
    Uprising Betting Odds: ML -294, Spread: -1.5 (-122)

    This is the match I look forward to watching. This is the one I believe could very well go either way. Just going with the theme of the day going with all favorites. I am picking Boston to take the victory. Normally, I pick an underdog of the day but I really don’t feel like throwing away money just to have an underdog pick. To me, its pretty clear that Uprising is the better team here even though this match could go either way. Season records show Boston is clearly a stronger team but stage 2 records show us that it should be a close match. Stage 2 records, Shock is 3-6 while Uprising is 4-4. Hopefully, they give us a really nice close match.

    My Pick: Boston Uprising ML

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