Overwatch League season 2, stage 1 is over. The results from stage 1 was amazing. Los Angeles Valiant didn’t win a single match but I do believe they will fix the problem they’re having and win a match in stage 2. Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior went undefeated going into the stage 1 playoffs. Vancouver Titans won the stage 1 finals.

Where To Bet On Overwatch League For Real Money?

There isn’t a one fit all website. So I recommend bookies based on where you’re from. If you’re from USA, I recommend going with Bovada, Canada I recommend Bodog, UK or EU I would go with Bet365, and I notice some of you are from India, I recommend going with Bodog India. I made sure to link to the bookies and not a review. I don’t want to waste your time. We all just want to get to the action these days.

Overwatch League Stage 2 Matches

Normally I would write the bookie odds for each march but the odds will be different for each sportsbook. So I am going to state my picks and why I am picking them.

Thursday April 4th Matches
Philadelphia Fusion vs New York Excelsior at 7:00 PM EST
Boston Uprising vs Atlanta Reign at 8:45 PM EST
Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Gladiators at 10:30 PM

New York Excelsior went the whole stage 1 undefeated until they failed in the playoffs. Its either they let that get to them and start losing or they aim to win stage 2 finals. Since I am fan and I know how they play and react to losses. I know they will step up their game and win against Philadelphia Fusion in the first game of stage 2.

Boston Uprising vs Atlanta Reign is an interesting match as both teams are good. They just aren’t the top teams of the league. They both made it to the stage 1 playoffs. Honestly, this match is a toss up. Either team could win but I will go with Atlanta Reign because their focus is making it to the end of the season playoffs. I’m sure they will be more importance on this match than Boston will.

When it comes to trash teams playing against each other. It always comes down to which team is making the less amount of mistakes. I recommend you go with your own mind with this pick as I am going with Shanghai Dragons because I enjoy cheering for them and being on edge thinking to myself. Are they going to win this game?

Friday April 5th Matches
Guangzhou Charge vs Paris Eternal at 12:15 AM EST
London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem 7:00 PM EST
Washington Justice vs Toronto Defiant 8:45 PM EST
Los Angeles Valiant vs San Francisco Shock 10:30 PM

Another match where its 2 trash teams. In toss up matches like this you could go with which team gives you better odds or go with the spread. Which ever gives you the better option to make some money. I recommend going with Guangzhou Charge because they didn’t drop as many maps as the Paris Eternal did in stage 1.

Going with London Spitfire seems like a free win no matter how the odds look for this match. I know I will cheer for Florida Mayhem because their the home team but I wouldn’t bet on them the way they been playing.

If you bet on Washington Justice against Toronto Defiant would be like setting money on fire. Toronto Defiant have been playing well and Washington Justice is just struggling trying to find their way.

San Francisco Shock fought hard in stage 1 and made it to the finals. Their first opponent is stage 2 is a team that has yet to win a match this season. Out of all the matches that you could get easy wins with your bets. This is by far the easiest win but the odds most likely won’t be good for it but a win is a win.

Saturday April 6th Matches
Los Angeles Gladiators vs Seoul Dynasty at 12:15 AM EST
Florida Mayhem vs Philadelphia Fusion at 3:00 PM EST
Toronto Defiant vs Boston Uprising at 4:45 PM EST
New York Excelsior vs Shanghai Dragons at 6:30 PM EST
Chengdu Hunters vs Paris Eternal at 8:15 PM EST

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Seoul Dynasty is a match I am looking forward to watching. This match I am going for the underdog, Los Angeles Gladiators. Its going to be a match to watch this week. I feel like this will set the ton for the Gladiators for the rest of the stage.

Once again, a match up I don’t believe my home team (Florida Mayhem) can win. I would bet on Philadelphia Fusion because they have the skills. Florida plays like someone just jumped into a rank match without friends going up against a 6-man team.

Toronto Defiant vs Boston Uprising is going to be really good match. I think Toronto Defiant will most likely come out as the winner but I think Boston Uprising will give them hell. The best option will probably be taking Boston Uprising against the spread. They will most likely lose the match but cover the spread.

New York Excelsior vs Shanghai Dragons I am clearly taking New York Excelsior to win this match. I am a huge fan of New York, they went 7-0 in stage 1, and Shanghai isn’t really a challenge for them.

Chengdu Hunters vs Paris Eternal is another trash vs trash but Chengdu Hunters is one exciting team to watch. If they’re the underdogs for this match I will completely go for them.

Sunday April 7th Matches
San Francisco Shock vs Guangzhou Charge at 3:00 PM EST
Atlanta Reign vs London Spitfire at 4:45 PM EST
Vancouver Titans vs Hangzhou Spark at 6:30 PM EST
Washington Justice vs Chengdu Hunters at 8:15 PM EST

Got to take San Francisco Shock over Guangzhou Charge. San Francisco Shock is one of the teams to watch throughout stage 2. If they play like they did in the stage 1 finals. They will win this match for sure.

Atlanta Reign vs London Spitfire is a match I don’t really look forward to watching but I know it will surely be a close match. I will take the underdog against the spread. Either team should be able to cover the spread as the underdog.

Vancouver Titans are just completely different beast in the Overwatch League. I can’t bring myself to bet against them until they lose at least one match this season.

Washington Justice vs Chengdu Hunters is another match I don’t really look forward to watching. Its 2 trash teams struggling to get everyone on the same page. However, I will go with Chengdu Hunters since it seems like they have things going for themselves and they’re fun to watch.