Overwatch League Stage 3, Week 5 Betting Tips

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    Overwatch League has been getting more interesting lately. Today’s article is about stage 3, week 5 esports betting tips along with my thoughts some of the teams as we’re about to go into the Overwatch League stage 3 playoffs. Something I have noticed so far is the top teams of each stage change from stage to stage but one team remains at the top, New York Excelsior. Stage 1 and 2 New York and London we’re the 2 power house teams but stage 3 proves New York is the team to beat in the Overwatch League.

    Yes, New York Excelsior finished stage 1 and stage 2 as the number one team. Currently, they are the number two in stage 3. In order to take the number one spot New York will need to win both games this week against Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragons. Also, Boston Uprising will have to lose both their games against the LA teams, Los Angeles Valiant and Los Angeles Gladiators.

    There is a small chance for one of the following teams to take the 4th place spot in the playoffs from Los Angeles Gladiators; Houston Outlaws, Philadelphia Fusion, Seoul Dynasty, San Francisco Shock. It would take one of these teams to win both their games and LA Gladiators lose both their games.

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    Overwatch League Stage 3, Week 5 Betting Tips

    Wednesday 5/2/2018 Matches

    Philadelphia Fusion vs Dallas Fuel
    Pick: Fusion
    Florida Mayhem vs Los Angeles Gladiators
    Pick: LA Gladiators
    Houston Outlaws vs San Francisco Shock
    Pick: Houston Outlaws

    Thursday 5/3/2018 Matches

    San Francisco Shock vs Florida Mayhem
    Pick: Florida Mayhem
    Boston Uprising vs Los Angeles Valiant
    Pick: Los Angeles Valiant
    Dallas Fuel vs New York Excelsior
    Pick: New York Excelsior

    Friday 5/4/2018 Matches

    Los Angeles Gladiators vs Boston Uprising
    Pick: Los Angeles Gladiators
    New York Excelsior vs Shanghai Dragons
    Pick: New York Excelsior
    London Spitfire vs Seoul Dynasty
    Pick: London Spitfire

    Saturday 5/5/2018 Matches

    Shanghai Dragons vs London Spitfire
    Pick: London Spitfire
    Seoul Dynasty vs Houston Outlaws
    Pick: Seoul Dynasty
    Los Angeles Valiant vs Philadelphia Fusion
    Pick: Los Angeles Valiant

    Not all my picks are leaning towards the favorites as I do believe there will be some upsets this week. That 4th playoff spot is right for the taking. It should be a beautiful week of overwatch as we see these teams fight for their last hope to make the playoffs. I’m sure we will keep seeing the Shanghai Dragons set the losing steak record.


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