2017 Overwatch Winter Premiere started with 8 teams fighting for their share of $100,000 prize pool. Only 4 teams would make it to the playoffs for their chance to win $40,000 and become winter premiere champions. Before and during the Winter Premiere, we saw team changes which were published on all of the overwatch esports news websites.

Cloud 9 and Fnatic pulled out to go play in Korea, in the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 2. Faze Clan and Citizen7 replaced them in the Winter Premiere and were the first 2 teams to be eliminated. Kingdom eSports signed with Renegades and played throughout the tournament as Renegades. Kungarna signed with Ghost Gaming a day before the semifinals began and played the rest of the tournament as Ghost.

Overwatch Winter Premiere Champions

immortals overwatch winter premiere champions

Immortals came to win it all and showed us they really can win it all even during group play phase 1. Immortals show their opponents no mercy and fans loved every minute of it. Group Play, Phase 1, Immortals won 12 games, lost 4 with a record of 6-1 in their 7 matches. Group Play, Phase 2 things would be no different. Immortals finished the group stage with a match record of 10-2 and a game record of 21-9.

In the semifinals, Immortals played against Luminosity Gaming and came out with a 3-0 victory in a best of 5 series. Ghost would be Immortals finals opponent. Ghost won their last 9 tournaments (stated by one of the players) and was looking to make this tournament 10. However, Immortals had something different in mind.

Ghost won map 1 and it look like they will win the overwatch winter premiere until Immortals kicked it into high gear and stepped up their game. Immortals beat Ghost 3-1 in the best of 5 series for the finals becoming 2017 Overwatch Winter Premiere Champions and winning $40,000! Congrats Immortals, you guys truly deserve this victory.

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