NBA Betting Tips For Monday, December 12, 2016


    Last NBA betting picks published was on Saturday, December 10, 2016. We went 5-5, not really the type of betting night I like. 7 NBA games for today. I have carefully picked out 3 games and done my research. No one can be completely sure but I am confident we will go 3 out of 3 for tonight with these picks.

    NBA Games Selected

    Brooklyn Nets vs Houston Rockets
    Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings
    Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Clippers

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    Brooklyn Nets at Houston Rockets

    Nets vs Rockets Odds

    • Nets: spread +14 (-115), moneyline +750
    • Rockets: spread -14 (-105), moneyline -1400
    • Over/Under: 229 (-110)

    Pick: $5 on Rockets -14 at -105 odds.

    Reason for pick: The Nets have become one of those teams that is just smart money to bet against them when they’re playing against a good team. Rockets offense truly is something to be feared if you’re the Nets defense. It would surprise me if Brooklyn keeps up after the first half.

    Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings

    Lakers vs Kings Odds

    • Lakers: spread +8.5 (-110), moneyline +310
    • Kings: spread -8.5 (-110), moneyline -420
    • Over/Under: 217 (o -105, u -115)

    Pick: $5 on Lakers +8.5 spread at -110 odds.

    Reason for pick: Los Angeles have been playing very well this season. Even with a losing record at the moment. Last night the Lakers lost by 6 points against the Knicks. I think the Lakers will push for the win tonight even though they’re tired from back to back games. The Kings haven’t played well this season but I expect them to win by 2-4 points tonight.

    Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Clippers

    Blazers vs Clippers Odds

    • Blazers: spread +9.5 (-110), moneyline +350
    • Clippers: spread -9.5 (-110), moneyline -500
    • Over/Under: 219 (o -115, u -105)

    Pick: $5 on Over 219 at -115 odds.

    Reason for pick: Both are high scoring teams this season. I honestly can’t pick who would win this game. So I am just going with a somewhat safe bet here with the 219 over at

    Recap of NBA Picks

    • $5 on Rockets -14 at -105 odds.
    • $5 on Lakers +8.5 spread at -110 odds. (Pick of the day)
    • $5 on Over 219 at -115 odds.
    • $5 on 3 team, 8 point teaser at -110 odds using the above picks.

    I normally use a teaser bet to hedge against a parlay bet but I am a little sick of throwing money at parlay bets. So for tonight I am using the teaser bet as a hedge against the other 3 bets, just in case one of them lose.

    Comment below if you agree or disagree with my picks for tonight. Also, if you have made picks on the other games please by all means tell me and let’s see how well we all have done.

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