MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 11


    Throughout this bankroll challenge of MrDeposit vs The Micros. I have seen the bankroll low as $3 and as high as $52. It’s crazy how online poker can take you on such a ride. Today was a downswing ride on this crazy poker roller coaster.

    Jackpot Poker game 1, price pool $4. I have pocket kings so I push allin first hand thinking I could knock out one opponent and focus on a heads up. This hand was KK vs A5o and an ace comes on the turn. Jackpot Poker game 2, prize pool $12. J10o vs pocket 6s. Jack comes on the flop as well as a 6. 2 loses fresh out the gate. This kind of put me in a bad mood.

    Jackpot Poker game 3, prize pool $12. A few minutes into the sitngo all three of us go allin. Guy on left A7, guy on right A6, and I have AQ. 7 comes on the flop and kill my dreams of an easy win. Jackpot Poker game 4, prize pool $4. After a few hands, I’m up a few chips, I get AA (me), 55 left, AQ right. We all go allin and a 5 comes on the flop. I’m left with almost no chips. Allin with 108 suited (me) vs A7o, I win 2 pair vs pair of aces, and double up. I end up losing this sitngo with KJs vs A5o and a 5 comes on the flop. Something about 5s and that sitngo goodness.

    Jackpot Poker game 5, prize pool $8. First hand my opponents go allin A3 (left) vs AK (right) guy on right wins with Ace high, king kicker. He kept trying to bully me so I pushed with the first high card I got. K8o vs 96o, flop comes K96. I lost this sitngo and I felt the pain of losing. So for today were down $10 after playing 5 jackpot sitngos.

    Day 11 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $30.64
    Ending Bankroll: $20.64
    Profit/Loss: -$10

    Overall Results After 11 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $20.64
    Profit/Loss: -$4.71


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