MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 13


    I know I haven’t updated the bankroll challenge at America’s Cardroom in awhile. It’s because I haven’t been playing online poker over the past few days. I’ve been focusing on sports betting since I am better at that than poker. Anyway, I did have some time to play poker and it was a crazy night in MrDeposit vs The Micros. I played 2 small buyin tournaments and a lot of jackpot poker sitngos.

    $2.20 buyin knockout tournament, I lost A8 vs AJ and place in 200+. I wasn’t in the money at the time. Then I went to my normal jackpot poker sitngos and things didn’t go so well. First game, $2 buyin jackpot poker sitngo, prize pool $4, no big hands to talk about just a lot of small pots winning and losing chips until I was the first one out.

    The second jackpot poker sitngo was a $2 buyin, prize pool $4, lost almost all my chips with A10 vs A8. I fought my way back to starting stack then lost an allin K9o vs 4s. My next sitngo was a $2 buyin jackpot poker sitngo, prize pool $8, JJ vs A10 first hand to double up, then the heads up battle was a lot of allin fights doubling up against each other
    until he got 2 in a row to knock me out.

    This is when things began to turn around for me. Well at least I thought so at the time. $2 buyin jackpot poker sitngo, prize pool $4, small pots until the guy on the right was out. Then heads up with both of us holding 750 chips. A lot of folding and going allin on both sides until our final hand that won me the sitngo was pocket 5s, ending up getting a boat 5s and 10s.

    I entered a $1.10 knockout tournament and while I was waiting for it to start. I play 2 more jackpot poker sitngos before I started to play 4 sitngos at once which was moving too fast for me to take notes for this article.$2

    First sitngo before the 4 at once, $2 buyin, prize pool $4, first hand allin A4 vs K10, 10 comes on the flop, 4 on the turn. I lost. Second sitngo before the 4 jackpot poker sitngos at the same time. $2 buyin, prize pool $4, guy on the right knockout the one on the left, KK vs A10, A10 on the flop, nothing helps on the turn, and the river is a king for the double up. A little back and forward during our heads up then I lost with set of 6s vs a straight.

    While my 4 sitngos at the same time was breakeven for awhile. I focused on the tournament once it began, I end up placing 5th for $3+ with 2 knockouts for another $0.40 then I went back to 4 jackpot poker sitngos at one time until I got sleepy. I thought I was up at least $4-$8 but after checking my balance I noticed this was not the case.

    Day 12 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $22.64
    Ending Bankroll: $17.57
    Profit/Loss: -$5.07

    Overall Results After 12 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $17.57
    Profit/Loss: -$7.78

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