MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 10


    This time I took notes for day 10 in MrDeposit vs The Micros. I wanted to make sure I can look back at this article and see what happen. I played 9 jackpot sitngos and $1 in the cash games. Here’s what happen in my online poker session.

    Jackpot Poker game 1. The prize pool is $12. Anytime the prize pool is over $4 my focus is really on the table. First hand I receive pocket rockets so I pushed allin. knocked out 1 player. Second hand I received Q10 off suit and the last player pushed allin and I called. 10 came on the flop and I won.Honestly, I thought to myself just for this bankroll challenge

    Honestly, I thought to myself just for this bankroll challenge to keep building I should stop for today. I know I want to play more but we in profit. Just let it be. But at the same time it wouldn’t be much to write about. So I kept going just so I could write a good post.

    Jackpot Poker game 2. The prize pool is $4. Early in the game I lost half the chip stack with A4 off suit to pocket 3s. Then something funny happened. I doubled up with A4 off suit with a 4 on flop against AQ. I laughed to myself about the A4 hands. Anyway, moments later I almost knocked out the guy to my right with AQ vs 77. I just didn’t have enough chips to make him go allin. He was left with less than 100 chips. The guy on left knocked out the guy on the right. A few hands later, we got it in with my Q7 vs 66. Q came on the flop.

    At this point, I’m like the bankroll is up $12. Its a great reason to stop for today and come back tomorrow for more jackpot poker action but no I thought about writing for the website again and kept playing poker.3: prize

    Jackpot Poker game 3. The prize pool is $4. I got it in with K10 off suit in the 3rd hand of the jackpot poker sitngo vs A9 off suit. I lost the hand and was left with 30 chips left. Then went allin with 109 suited with a 9 on the flop but runner-runner flush beat me. So I lost my 3rd game. I felt like that runner-runner flush was a sign to stop.

    Jackpot Poker game 4. The prize pool is $4. Played for awhile then the first big pot AK vs pocket 7s and I lost with 30 chips left. I couldn’t double up in this one. Jackpot Poker game 5. The prize pool is $4. This game was going along for awhile with small pots until one big allin pot my 2 pair 8s and 9s lost to full house 8s and 6s. All I could say about this hand was wow.

    Jackpot Poker game 6. The prize pool is $4. Allin first hand with AK vs pocket 5s. 8s come on the flop and I lose to 2 pair. Jackpot Poker game 7. The prize pool is $4. The guy on left bluff first hand and I win pot with A high flush. Left heads up against guy on right with a 500 chip advantage. I lost major chips with A2 off suit. Then lost with Q9 suited. I just couldn’t get things going today.

    Jackpot Poker game 8. The prize pool is $4. Guy on left beat guy on right with ace high flush. Leaving him with 20 chips. I lost with QJ vs 3s. Pocket 3s just been kicking my ass all day. So I take a break from jackpot sitngos and played $0.01/$0.02 with $1 and after 15 minutes or so I lost $0.99 and decided to play one last jackpot poker game which makes number 9. The prize pool was $8. First hand I have pocket 9s, I minimum raise preflop get one caller. Flop comes 243 raindow. I push allin to get him off the pot and he calls me with pocket 6s. 6 comes on the river and all I can think is of course.

    Day 10 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $33.63
    Ending Bankroll: $30.64
    Profit/Loss: -$2.99

    Overall Results After 10 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $30.64
    Profit/Loss: +$5.29

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