MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 9


    In day 9, MrDeposit vs The Micros on America’s Cardroom, I mainly played jackpot poker sitngos. In my first poker session of the day, I went up $10. Bankroll was sitting at $50.43 and I told myself I should stop for today. However, I had already planned for a night session since I was going to be watching NBA games since I did some NBA betting as well.

    At first my second session was going ok. A lot of ups and downs maintaining around $48-$52. Then a few sitngos just didn’t go my way. Being chip leader in a heads up feels pretty good until the short stack double up then manage to win the sitngo. Totally a #FeelsBadMan moment. It feels worst than losing allin on the first hand of a sng.

    I played a lot of jackpot poker sitngos not realizing it was late and I was tired. I was a little too focused on the last NBA game to notice I am making a lot of mistakes. Finally, I decided to check my bankroll and seen it was sitting at $34. So I played a little $0.01/$0.02 to finsh off my poker session. It didn’t end well at all.

    Day 9 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $40.43
    Ending Bankroll: $33.63
    Profit/Loss: -$6.80

    Overall Results After 9 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $33.63
    Profit/Loss: +$8.28

    Playing late night while tired is totally not a good idea. End up losing $6.80, if I just stop playing after the first online poker session the bankroll would be up $10. Either way, it doesn’t matter we’re still up $8.28 from the start of this bankroll challenge. I expect things are going to get even more interesting as time goes on playing these jackpot poker sit n gos.


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