MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 8


    This bankroll challenge on America’s Cardroom has been an interesting up and down ride. While I have been having some troubles at the cash game tables, the jackpot poker sitngos have been growing my bankroll. It’s all texas holdem in the micro stakes so I think its worth playing.

    Today I started with cash games as always. This time I didn’t slowly win then drop. I started out the gate losing at the $0.01/$0.02 tables. The cards were not coming my way. I played an hour and maybe received 3 or 4 premium hands. So I opened up my hand range and played the loose aggressive style. I started winning although it goes against my normal playing style.

    Due to my inexperience with the loose aggressive style. Of course, winning was short lived. I couldn’t maintain winning with that style. So I stop playing cash games after losing a little over $4. I took a break, ate dinner, and started watching the Thursday night football game because I did some NFL betting.

    Jackpot Poker was my pick for my second session. I won my first 2 jackpot sitngos which both had $4 prize pools to start the session. That pretty much made up for the $4 I lost at the cash game tables. Then I lost my next one because of a river card screwing me. this would stop me. I won my next jackpot sng which had a prize pool of $8.

    This push the bankroll to $34. I believe the football game was at halftime at this moment. I signed up to the sitngo and it didn’t pop right away. The NFL game was back on so I was focused on my TV until I heard the sound of the Jackpot sit n go finish the prize pool spin. I looked and the prize pool was $12!

    I stop looking at the football game to focus on this sitngo but it started off slow. We went into the next blind level with everyone still having the starting stack. I decided to push the action a little. I guess the guy to my left had the same thought because we both end up getting half of the chip stack from the guy on the right.

    Head ups both of us have 750 chips. This truly was a battle. I won some hands, he won some hands, but in the end. I started to get him to fold on the turn, over and over again the same way I did the guy on the right. He decided to take a stand with his last 300+ chips and won. I told myself I will get him to go allin with me holding the nuts. A few hands later, I slow played a full house and got him to push allin on the river.

    At this point, my bankroll was sitting at $44. I told myself I will only play 2 more Jackpot Poker sitngos. Given that I am playing the $2 buyins. I could end the online poker session with $40 if I lose both of them. I lost the first 1 and won the second 1. So I played 2 more sngs and lost those 2. So let’s look at the details of my bankroll balance from today and overall.

    Day 8 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $30.25
    Ending Bankroll: $40.43
    Profit/Loss: +$10.18

    Overall Results After 8 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $40.43
    Profit/Loss: +$15.08


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