MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 7

    Jackpot Poker Strikes Again!


    In MrDeposit vs The Micros Day 6 on America’s Cardroom, things not going so well and I had to switch things up to start making a profit again. It felt like the run good at the end of that session was a sign that things have changed for the better. So going into day 7 I felt good about my skills and decisions at the tables. So I played 2 sessions to see if I really was up to par at the tables and not just a run good moment because I was feeling good.

    Texas Holdem Micros

    My first online poker session of day 7 lasted a little over 2 hours. I went into the session feeling good and focused on only playing premium hands in position. At the end of the poker session I was up $2.69 but it could’ve been more if I didn’t lose a big hand right before I stop playing. Anyway, you would think I would just stop there for the day and just be happy I booked a winning session.

    8pm I sat down at my desk with my dinner, turned on my tv for the NBA game, and logged into America’s Cardroom to play my last session of the day. This time I wasn’t in a good mood or a bad mood. I was just hungry and interested to see who was going to win the game between the Warriors vs Clippers.

    It started ok at the micro stakes $0.01/$0.02 tables. I was up $0.34 before the table died off. Next table I was up $0.23 before that table died off. Just a side note, it totally wasn’t me making these tables dry up. A few sharks were sitting at a lot of tables catching fish going allin. Once it happened people was sitting out or leaving the table. So I followed suit and found another table.

    Now this 3rd table is the one that gave me troubles. At this poker table, it was 2 sharks, 1 short stack, and 2 fish. Then I sit at the table and I quickly double up and from there I went downhill. I lost a big pot to the short stack, then lost a big pot to one of the sharks. It seem like my run bad was back and I was completely focused on beating these sharks for taking my money with close hands.

    The table wasn’t drying up, it was one of those tables with a wait list. Players were leaving but the table stayed full. I didn’t realize I opened up my hand range and became one of the fish at the table. Yeah, yeah I should know better than that. Needless to say, I lost more money than I care to say. So when I had enough of that table and my poor play. I decided to play Jackpot Poker again.

    Jackpot Poker Strikes Again

    Yeah I know, I am suppose to be playing no limit texas holdem $0.01/$0.02 tables but I have to entertain myself and enjoy playing poker. So I have to throw in other micro stakes games. Maybe I should’ve named this bankroll challenge MrDeposit vs The Micros and just left it at that. I shouldn’t have added the texas holdem part but hey Jackpot Poker is texas holdem with a minimum buyin of $2.

    I played 3 jackpot poker sitngos. First game the prize pool was $4, and I quickly won it because it seem like one guy wanted to go allin first hand because the prize pool wasn’t up to par for him. Who knows, I had A3o and I pushed allin with him. I won that and steam rolled the guy left at the table.

    The second game was a prize pool of $4 little slower than the last and more challenging. I won a few chips and then the other 2 guys went allin against each other. So I was the small stack heads up. I did a lot of folding and only a few bluffs to regain the chips I lost from folding. Then I finally started getting good hands but not great hands. I pretty much semi-bluffed my chip stack up until I forced him allin and won.

    Now this last game is the one I was completely focused on. The prize pool was $16! I told myself this is a must win and nothing is going to stop me. One guy pretty much donked off his chips to both of us so we’re pretty close in chip stack going into the headsup. This time I didn’t take the fold and semi-bluff with good hands strategy.

    I completely took control of the game. I raised every hand preflop. If he called, c-bet on the flop and he would fold. He was down to 386 chips went bet 120 chips on the flop and I pushed allin. I didn’t have anything I was just trying to force him to fold which he did. The next hand he pushed allin with AKo and I called with A8 suited diamonds. The flop came with 2 diamonds. I stop breathing just watching the turn come no diamond for me. The river hit and it was a diamond!

    Total I have played 4 Jackpot Poker sitngos and I have won all 4 over the past 2 days. I’m really starting to like jackpot poker. I’m sure anyone that specialize in hyper sitngos or hyper headsup sitngos can really profit and build a bankroll playing jackpot poker sitngos.

    Day 7 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $16.09
    Ending Bankroll: $30.25
    Profit/Loss: +$14.16

    Overall Results After 7 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $30.25
    Profit/Loss: +$4.90

    Well look at here, we made a $14.16 profit in one day and back into profit overall from the start of the bankroll challenge. $4.90 isn’t something to jump up and down about but it feels good to be in profit again and see the bankroll moving up again.


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