MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 6

    PLO & Jackpot Poker For The Save!


    America’s Cardroom micros have been really interesting today. I went through a lot of ups and downs at the tables. I just had to change things up a bit if I was going to make a profit. I know that this bankroll challenge is all about beating the texas holdem micros but being on such a downswing. I just couldn’t stick to no limit holdem only. I needed my online poker to across more than one game.

    Texas Holdem Micros

    Starting off today I was up a little over $1. Then one hand completely changed my mood. An allin push from a shark at the table (didn’t know he was a shark at the time) and I called with pocket kings. Cards flip over and he’s holding pocket aces. Lost $2 in that one hand. From there it was all downhill. Total I lost a little over $4 before I told myself I need a change in game vs taking a break.

    Pot Limit Omaha Micros

    Before you even start to come up with crazy thoughts. I have studied PLO in the past and I know how to play the game. At least I can beat the micros, I don’t know how I would fair in low stakes PLO. Anyway, I quickly won $3 playing 2 tables of $0.01/$0.02 PLO. Then I went back to NL holdem thinking maybe since my mood changed I can fight this downswing im on.

    Texas Holdem Micros Round 2

    As soon as I came back to the texas holdem tables the run bad began again. I just couldn’t seem to shake it. I win some small pots but lose the big pots. Just simple math will tell you that over time you’re going to be down just winning small pots and losing big pots.

    MrDeposit Try’s Jackpot Poker

    So before I logged out, I thought I will give jackpot poker a try since its a different form of holdem maybe my run bad won’t follow me to this type of game. Jackpot Poker is a 3 max hyper sit n go with a random prize pool up to $5,000 with a minimum $2 buyin.

    One shot at this I told myself. My sng prize pool end up being $8. All I could think to myself is this sng is mine. I have to win this $8. I closed out the stream I was watching since I am always having something in the background while I play. The crazy thing is throughout the whole jackpot sng I was talking about each hand as if someone was with it.

    Jackpot Poker saved my bankroll – MrDeposit 2016

    Click Here To Play JackPOT Poker

    My first ever Jackpot Poker sitngo and I won it! I quickly went to check my bankroll balance since I know I lost a lot at the holdem tables. It turns out playing PLO & Jackpot Poker saved my bankroll from being completely destroyed. Sorry from not only playing $0.01/$0.02 no limit holdem. When I’m on a downswing I just need to change games to stay making a profit.

    Day 6 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $14.35
    Ending Bankroll: $16.09
    Profit/Loss: +$1.74

    Overall Results After 6 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $16.09
    Profit/Loss: -$9.26


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