MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 5


    The micros beginning to feel like a real challenge. Either that or I’m my game enough that it just feels that way. Day 4 I was off my game and resulted in a losing day. However, it’s small stuff compared to the losses I had today. I was already running back from my zone poker session at Ignition Casino.

    You would think I would take a break or at least not play in my bankroll challenge account in this state of mind but no. I just have to be that person that think he can play online poker through any downswing. After reviewing some of my hands I can see why I am on a downswing.

    First hour to an hour and half. I play very tight hand range is small and I only play them in position. After awhile I begin to space out not really seeing which players are tight or loose. My hand range opened up, I’m playing out of position, and I’m bluffing with a J10 off suit. It’s the lowest of the micros it’s no way they’re not going to call all the way to showdown.

    So my plan is simple and I must follow it somehow. I am going to take a break from the tables. Leave the house for a bit, workout, eat, and maybe play a few freeroll tournaments just to get some hands in without playing with the bankroll. If I win any one of the freeroll tournaments I will write up an article and call it Day 6. I’m not sure if freeroll tournaments count as a day at the micros though.

    Day 5 Results For MrDeposit vs The Micros

    Starting Bankroll: $25.69
    Ending Bankroll: $14.35
    Profit/Loss: -$11.34

    Overall Results After 5 Days

    Starting Bankroll: $25.35
    Ending Bankroll: $14.35
    Profit/Loss: -$11

    As you can see that day 5 totally chopped our bankroll down. I will bring the bankroll back up to where it should be. I just need a break to see how I can get back to playing winning poker again. I know, I know a couple of days isn’t really a big downswing but I want to show you that beating the micros can be done with a winning session every day. I just want my winning sessions to be a lot higher than $3 even at the $0.01/$0.02 tables.


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