MrDeposit vs The Micros In Texas Holdem Day 1


    Since I bought the domain name I decided to play poker seriously and not just play poker online for fun. So I had to go looking for a good online poker room that had a fair amount of cash games along with some good promotions I could have fun with once I’m out of the micros.

    I already play at Ignition Casino for the zone poker action. So I knew for sure I didn’t want to follow bankroll management rules on there since I like to different stakes at any given moment. I did a quick google search and signed up to Americas Cardroom since they have a lot of promotions and the cash games seem to always be full down in the micros.

    If you’re wondering how I know about the cash games. It’s simple, I signed up and took a look around the software before making a deposit. If I didn’t like the way things looked at the tables I wouldn’t have made a deposit. Anyway, let’s get down to the details about “MrDeposit vs The Micros” and how we did on day 1.

    MrDeposit vs The Micros Rules

    Game: No Limit Texas Holdem
    Table: Full Ring and 6 Max
    Starting Stakes: $0.01/$0.02
    Minimum Buyins: 20 (19 and lower must move down stakes)
    Maximum Buyins: 50 (51 and higher must move up stakes)

    I want to get better at poker and thought the best challenge for myself would be playing micro stakes. I thought the best way to go about this is a minimum deposit to America’s Cardroom. The minimum deposit was $25 but they added $0.35 so I would know “what the payment was for” rrriiiggghhhttt.

    Anyway, our starting balance for this challenge is $25.35. I know given the rules set above I am under the required amount of buyins. I normally play at higher stakes so my skill level may be a little high for $0.01/$0.02 so maybe we won’t have to stay at these stakes for long. We only need to reach $100 before moving up to $0.02/$0.05 tables.

    Day 1 Results

    Starting Balance: $25.35
    Ending Balance: $25.87
    Profit/Loss: +$0.52

    The reason I only made $0.52 is because I had a hard time finding an open table. All the tables were full with a decent size waiting list and nobody was leaving the tables. I was lucky enough to sit at 2 full ring tables when they had very few players. The first table had 5 players and the other had 2 players. Once I sat down, played a hand or two, and the tables filled up pretty quickly.

    Full ring no limit holdem has always been my best form of poker. It allows me to play a very small range of hands without getting ate up by the blinds. My only problem or at least I thought my only problem would be players noticing I am playing very little hands. Lucky me, micro stakes players don’t really put that much thought into online poker like in the higher stakes. Plus, I was lucky enough to get a fair amount of hands in my range. So it didn’t seem like I was playing 1 hand per round of the button.

    In MrDeposit vs The Micros day 2, I will play a little longer. Today, I only played for an hour or 2. I just wanted to see how well the players on America’s Cardroom play poker. If you don’t have an account at America’s Cardroom then to sign up and maybe you’ll see me in the micros. My username on ACR is bluemonkey.


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