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    NA LCS

    NA LCS Spring Split 2017 kicks out January 20th, 2017. Week 1 has 10 match-ups for us to enjoy and bet on League of Legends. Just like EU LCS Spring Split week 1 betting tips, we will be betting on all the underdogs against the spread. This allows us to see how well teams play before we analysis the stats and see where we can find the big profit in week 2 and so on.

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    Friday, January 20th, 2017 – Day 1 of NA LCS Week 1

    Game: TSM vs Cloud9
    Time: 6pm EST
    Pick: Cloud9 +1.5 at 1.488 (-205) odds.

    No matter what happens to rosters with these teams. Anytime they play each other the match is going to be crazy and unpredictable. So taking the underdog for this match doesn’t make me nerves at all.

    Game: Echo Fox vs Phoenix1
    Time: 9pm EST
    Pick: Echo Fox +1.5 at 1.615 (-163) odds.

    Echo Fox recently went through some roster changes so nobody knows how well they will play together. However, I do believe they could take at least 1 game so taking them as the underdog against the spread is the safe bet with this match. If I wasn’t going all underdogs I would still pick Echo Fox +1.5 against the spread.

    *Below will be updated when odds are posted…

    Saturday, January 21th, 2017 – Day 2 of NA LCS Week 1

    Game: Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid
    Time: 3pm EST
    Pick:Team Liquid +1.5 at 1.361 (-277) odds.

    This match I am really interested in watching. I want to see how well CLG play this season.

    Game: Team EnVyUs vs FlyQuest
    Time: 3pm EST
    Pick: FlyQuest +1.5 at 1.431 (-232) odds

    FlyQuest is ex-cloud9 challenger team. I like their chances here.

    Game: Echo Fox vs Immortals
    Time: 6pm EST
    Pick: Echo Fox +1.5 at 1.912 (-110) odds.

    Echo Fox got steam rolled by Phoenix1 in day 1. I don’t think they will cover the spread but you never know.

    Game: Team Dignitas vs Phoenix1
    Time: 6pm EST
    Pick: Phoenix1 +1.5 at 1.329 (-304) odds

    This should be an easy win for us seeing how well Phoenix1 played on day 1.

    Sunday, January 22th, 2017 – Day 3 of NA LCS Week 1

    Game: TSM vs Immortals
    Time: 3pm EST
    Pick: Immortals +1.5 at 1.543 (-184) odds.

    TSM is my favorite League of Legends team. You all know I hate betting against my favorite teams but following the rules of always bet against the spread for the underdog on week 1 when a season starts. I am taking Immortals against the spread.

    Game: Team Envy vs Counter Logic Gaming
    Time: 3pm EST
    Pick: Envy +1.5 at 1.778 (-129) odds.

    Honestly, I think Envy could take on CLG. Both teams lost in day 2, which means this could be a nice 3 game match. Doesn’t matter who wins as long as we get at least 1 game for Envy.

    Game: Team Dignitas vs Cloud9
    Time: 6pm EST
    Pick: Dignitas +1.5 at 1.507 (-197) odds.

    I can’t say who will win this match. Both teams have won their first match of week 1. Cloud9 won on day 1 and Dignitas won on day 2. Anyone could take this match which makes our bet against the spread look like a safe bet.

    Game: Team Liquid vs FlyQuest
    Time: 6pm EST
    Pick: FlyQuest +1.5 at 2.037 (+104) odds.

    Sadly, I didn’t get to see either of these teams play just yet. So I can’t say how well they played but both won their first match so it should be an interesting match-up. I am hoping this one go to a game 3 not just for the bet but also for my enjoyment.


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