NA LCS Betting Tips For Sunday, February 19, 2017

    NA LCS

    NA LCS week 5, day 3 league of legends betting tips for the following matches; FlyQuest vs TSM, Immortals vs Echo Fox, Phoenix1 vs Cloud9, Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming. The 2 matches I look forward to the most is FlyQuest vs TSM and Immortals vs Echo Fox. I expect Cloud9 to win their match so I’m really that excited but I will watch it.

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    FlyQuest vs TSM Prediction

    Time: 3pm EST
    FlyQuest: Match record: 6-3, Game record: 14-7
    TSM: Match record: 7-2, Game record: 14-10
    Pick: TSM moneyline at -122 odds & FlyQuest +1.5 at -267 odds.

    This is the match-up I am looking forward to the most. Both teams are in the top 3 in the NA LCS. Plus TSM is my favorite League of Legends team. I believe they will win this match but I don’t think it will be easy. I’m sure FlyQuest can force a game 3, so I am taking FlyQuest against the spread and I am taking TSM moneyline.

    Immortals vs Echo Fox Prediction

    Time: 3pm EST
    Immortals: Match record: 4-5, Game record: 10-12
    Echo Fox: Match record: 4-5, Game record: 10-12
    Pick: Immortals +1.5 at -255 odds.

    This is another great match-up. Both teams are in the middle of pack with the same match record and same game record. The online bookies have Echo Fox as the favorites to win. Given that anything can happen, I am taking Immortals against the spread. One game is all we need to win this bet. Let’s hope Immortals put up a real fight and force it to a game 3 or just win 2-0. Who knows what will happen.

    Phoenix1 vs Cloud 9 Prediction

    Time: 6pm EST
    Phoenix1: Match record: 5-4, Game record: 13-8
    Cloud9: Match record: 8-1, Game record: 17-6
    Pick: Cloud9 moneyline at -289 odds.

    It’s pretty easy to see why I picked Clould 9 on the moneyline. They’re 8-1 and the only team to beat them is #2 ranked TSM. I think Phoenix1 might get one game but I’m not so sure about that since it is Cloud9 were talking about. So safe bet here is taking Cloud 9 on the moneyline.

    Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming Prediction

    Time: 6pm EST
    Team Liquid: Match record: 2-7, Game record: 8-15
    CLG: Match record: 4-5, Game record: 10-12
    Pick: CLG moneyline at -163 odds.

    I’m sorry but I just can’t bring myself to bet on Team Liquid. Even if we could bet against the spread on them and need one game to win the bet. I rather bet on what I know and that’s CLG winning this match. Doesn’t matter if its 2-0 or 2-1. Either way, I feel like CLG will win.


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