EU LCS week 5, day 2 we have the following matches; Misfits vs Team Vitality, H2K vs Giants Gaming. I am truly not excited about either of these matche-ups today but we can’t pass up on profit right? So I have my LoL predictions for both matches today and here’s another tip. Check your bookies for first blood and first to 5 kills. There’s profit to be made with those type of prop bets.

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Misfits vs Team Vitality Prediction

Time: 11am EST
Misfits: Match record: 4-1, Game record: 9-3
Team Vitality: Match record: 1-4, Game record: 4-8
Pick: Misfits -1.5 at -142 odds.

This is my risky bet of the day. I know Misfits are going to win the match but the odds are bad betting on the moneyline. So I am betting Misfits against the spread. Of course, Misfits are a strong enough team to 2-0 this match but you never know in the EU LCS.

H2K vs Giants Gaming Prediction

Time: 2pm EST
H2K: Match record: 4-2, Game record: 10-5
Giants: Match record: 1-4, Game record: 4-9
Pick: Giants +1.5 at +138 odds.

They are times I watch Giants play and wonder if they know their opponent has been shiting on them from the start. Then there are other times I see them fight tooth and nail trying to win. I don’t think H2K will completely control Giants for 2 games straight, I think there will be a game 3. So I am taking the Giants against the spread. Even if they only win one game in this match the bet will be won.


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