NA LCS betting tips for Saturday, February 4, 2017. NA LCS week 3, day 2 has 4 matches and I have League of Legends predictions on all of them for you.

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Counter Logic Gaming vs TSM

Time: 3pm EST
CLG: Match Record: 1-3, Game Record: 3-6
TSM: Match Record: 3-1, Game Record: 6-5
Pick: CLG +1.5

There is always a great match between these two teams. I’m sure this match will go to a game 3. However, I am a huge TSM fan so I know that TSM will win this match. But I am taking CLG against the spread since the odds are better.

FlyQuest vs Team Dignitas

Time: 3pm EST
FlyQuest: Match Record: 3-1, Game Record: 7-3
Team Dignitas: Match Record: 1-3, Game Record: 5-7
Pick: FlyQuest ML

With an underdog like Team Dignitas, I always recommend going with Team Dignitas against the spread but the bookies know that Team Dignitas has yet to get 2-0 by their opponents this season. So the odds are pretty bad for this option. The odds aren’t worth the risk taking Team Dignitas moneyline, so I am taking FlyQuest moneyline at -119 odds.

Team Liquid vs Echo Fox

Time: 6pm EST
Team Liquid: Match Record: 1-4, Game Record: 4-8
Echo Fox: Match Record: 2-2, Game Record: 5-6
Pick: Echo Fox ML

The safe bet is taking Echo Fox moneyline and here’s why. Echo Fox started off the season going 0-2 and now on a 2-0 match winning streak. Team Liquid was 1-3 headed into week 3 and lost their week 3, day 1 match against Team Envy who had a match record of 0-4! Team Liquid may get at least one game here but Echo Fox will win the match.

Cloud9 vs Team Envy

Time: 6pm EST
Cloud9: Match Record: 4-0, Game Record: 8-2
Team Envy: Match Record: 1-4, Game Record: 3-8
Pick: Cloud9 -1.5

You would think I would take Team Envy against the spread after their victory over Team Liquid in day 1 of week 3. Well no, Today they’re playing against the best team in the NA LCS so far this season. I don’t even think Team Envy will take one game against Cloud9. My pick is Cloud9 -1.5, I believe they can cover the spread in this match-up against Team Envy.

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