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    EU LCS

    EU LCS 2017 spring split begins January 19th, 2017. We have 6 League of Legends matches for week 1. I am treating my LoL betting for EU LCS week 1 the same way I treat NFL betting for week 1. Bet on all the underdogs to cover the spread and see what happens. Believe it or not, it’s a nice way to begin week 1 in the profit. Since this article is focused on the EU LCS and I know Europeans will read this. I will be adding “Decimal” and “American” odds, so everybody understand the odds.

    Where To Bet On League of Legends For Real Money?

    USA – Bovada, minimum deposit is $20
    Canada – Bodog, minimum deposit is $20
    UK/EU – Bet365, minimum deposit is $10
    Bitcoin – Nitrogen Sports, minimum deposit is ฿0.001

    Thursday, January 19th, 2017 – Day 1 of EU LCS Week 1

    Match #1: Origen vs H2K
    Time: 11am EST
    Pick: Origen +1.5 at 2.323 (+132) odds

    The online bookies have H2K has the heavy favorites. If this was half way through the split I would most like bet H2K moneyline but the safe bet on week 1 is Origen +1.5 against the spread at 2.323 (+132) odds.

    Match #2: G2 Esports vs Fnatic
    Time: 2pm EST
    Pick: Fnatic +1.5 at 1.741 (-135) odds

    G2 Esports are the slight favorites to win this match-up. I see some value in taking G2 Esports -1.5 at 2.037 (+104) odds. However, following my rules of betting on the underdogs during week 1, I am taking Fnatic +1.5 at 1.741 (-135) odds. As long as Fnatic manage to take one map we will win the bet.

    Friday, January 20th, 2017 – Day 2 of EU LCS Week 1

    Match #1: Misfits vs Giants Gaming
    Time: 11am EST
    Pick: Giants Gaming +1.5 at 1.57 (-175) odds

    This is one match I just want to throw a bet on Misfits moneyline to hedge my underdog spread bet but this is about seeing how all the teams start of the spring split. We want to make sure we get a chance to grab a small profit with a safe bet.

    Match #2: Unicorns of Love vs Team Vitality
    Time: 2pm EST
    Pick: Team Vitality +1.5 at 1.337 (-297) odds.

    Unicorns of Love are known for bringing something different to the table by using a champion in a role it probably shouldn’t be used. This could work for them or against them, it really depends on how Team Vitality react to it. If UoL decide to play something outside the current meta.

    Saturday, January 21th, 2017 – Day 3 of EU LCS Week 1

    I didn’t cover these matches as the odds wasn’t posted at the time of writing this article.


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