FACEIT Major 2018 main qualifier day 1 had a lot of tech issues throughout the day but we seen some crazy plays and intense matches. Let’s get into what happen on day 1.

Space Soldiers 10 – 16 Rogue
Virtus.pro 5 – 16 NiP
Gambit 17 – 19 TYLOO
BIG 16 – 6 Renegades
Vega Squadron 16 – 14 Spirit
North 17 – 19 HellRaisers
Liquid 16 – 4 OpTic

The most intense matches was North vs HellRaisers, Vega Suadron vs Spirit, and Gambit vs TYLOO. Gambit vs TYLOO and North vs HellRiasers was the only matches that went overtime. OpTic is one of my favorite teams and was my biggest disappointment of day 1 besides the tech issues stop the last match of the day; Astralis vs CompLexity.

Day 2 FACEIT Major 2018 Main Qualifier Matches

Day 2 will be starting off with Astralis vs CompLexity match. Once we have a winner and a loser then we can get into all the day 2 action.

1-0 Matches
BIG vs. Vega Squadron
Liquid vs. HellRaisers
Winner from Astralis/CompLexity vs. Rogue

0-1 Matches
North vs. Spirit
Loser from Astralis/CompLexity vs. Space Soldiers
OpTic vs. Virtus.pro
Renegades vs. Gambit

I wrote my FACEIT Major 2018 Main Qualifier Predictions and I want to take a moment to see where we stand with those predictions. How many teams are in the winner pool, how many teams are in the loser pool, and if I still stand by my predictions.

Winner Pool: Liquid, NiP, TYLOO, HellRaisers

Loser Pool: North, OpTic, Gambit

So far, my predictions are looking pretty good. Astralis is the only match that didn’t happen and we will see match first thing on day 2. I still stand by all of my predictions, the only team that makes me question putting them in the list is OpTic. I love them but if were being logical then maybe I shouldn’t have put them on the list of my predictions. I guess I am like everyone when it comes to a favorite team. You stand by them no matter what they’re going through. Let’s hope day 2 is filled with crazy plays and intense matches just like day 1 but without the tech issues.