FACEIT Major 2018 main qualifier day 4 has been filled with matches going overtime. Its been the theme of this major so far and I must say that I am enjoying every moment of it.

FACEIT Major 2018 Main Qualifier: Day 4 Results

Astralis 16 – 3 Spirit
TYLOO 16 – 10 Renegades
HellRaisers 25 – 23 OpTic
BIG 16 – 8 Gambit
Vega Squadron 15 – 19 compLexity
North 25 – 23 Rogue

The results of day 4 shows us that Astralis, HellRaisers, and CompLexity made it through the challengers stage and onto the legends stage of the tournament. Of course, these teams are in it with the likes of Liquid and NiP. Here’s a list of the teams that have been knocked out of the tournament; Gambit, Rogue, Renegades, Space Soldiers, and Virtus.pro.

FACEIT Major 2018 Main Qualifier: Day 5 Matches

Spirit vs TYLOO
OpTic vs BIG
Vega Squadron vs North

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My Picks To Make It Through

I picked 8 teams to make it through this stage. So far 4 made it through; Astralis, Liquid, NiP, and HellRaisers. One has been knocked out which is Gambit and 3 are fighting for their tournament life today; TYLOO, OpTic, and North. I can’t wait to see the results of my csgo prediction today.