eleague major 2017

Eleague Major 2017 is the first major tournament for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive this year and I have predictions for all 4 quarterfinals matches. Starting with the first match at 10am EST. If you been following the tournament as much as I have, you have seen it all from happy, sad, and crazy moments. My favorite team (Optic Gaming) didn’t make it out of group stage. They did their best and that’s all I can ask for.but onto the remaining teams and who I think which teams I think will

Now onto the remaining teams and which teams I believe will win, bets I will place, and watching it all unfold. First here are the csgo betting sites I recommend for you to bet real money and hopefully we all win some money from my predictions.

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Navi vs Astralis Prediction

Navi vs Astralis Betting Odds

Spread: Navi -1.5 (+142), Astralis +1.5 (-187)
Moneyline: Navi (-236), Astralis (+177)
My Pick: Astralis +1.5

Navi was the most impressive team in the group stage and Astralis was the most surprising team. Read my reasons for this on the Eleague Major group stage results page. Yes, Navi only gave up 12 rounds in 3 games but I feel like they might be a little too confident going into the playoffs while Astralis fought 5 matches to make it into the playoffs so they know how important every game will be in this 3 game series. I believe this series will go to a game 3 so I am taking Astralis to cover the spread.

Fnatic vs Gambit Prediction

Fnatic vs Gambit Betting Odds

Spread: Fnatic -1.5 (+210), Gambit +1.5 (-287)
Moneyline: Fnatic (-137), Gambit (+106)
My Pick: Gambit +1.5

Both Fnatic and Gambit only lost 1 game during the group stage with a 16-10 score. Fnatic lost to G2 Esports on day 1. G2 Esports didn’t make it to the playoffs while Gambit lost to Virtus Pro on day 3. VP was the second team to make it into the playoffs. Although, all of this information doesn’t really help me pick a winner it does make me think about if this series could go to a game 3.

Example, my thoughts on a close match means it will go to a game 3. If that’s the case then the easy money will be taking the underdog against the spread because its the safe bet. With this match-up I give a small edge for Gambit, I will take them against the spread.

Virtus Pro vs North Prediction

Virtus Pro vs North Betting Odds

Spread: Virtus Pro -1.5 (+157), North +1.5 (-208)
Moneyline: Virtus Pro (-199), North (+151)
My Pick: Virtus Pro ML

Honestly, I am not surprise North made it into the playoffs but I don’t see them getting past the quarterfinals against VP seeing as they were the second team to make it into the playoffs. I could gamble on North taking one game from Virtus Pro but the odds are better taking VP moneyline. I like safe bets and I feel like betting on Virtus Pro to win is the safe bet here over taking North to cover the spread.

Faze vs SK Gaming Prediction

Faze vs SK Gaming Betting Odds

Spread: Faze +1.5 (-270), SK Gaming -1.5 (+199)
Moneyline: Faze (+123), SK Gaming (-162)
My Pick: SK Gaming -1.5

Unlike the matches above starting on January 27th, 2017, this match starts on January 28th, 2017 at 10am EST.  This is my value bet, Faze struggled throughout the group stage and SK Gaming is one of the those teams that can completely shut you down if you allow them on one of their favorite maps. I am taking a risk here and betting SK Gaming will cover the spread by winning this best of 3 series 2-0.

Eleague Major 2017 Quarterfinals Picks

Match #1: Navi vs Astralis, Pick: Astralis +1.5
Match #2: Fnatic vs Gambit, Pick: Gambit +1.5
Match #3: Virtus Pro vs North, Pick: Virtus Pro ML
Match #4: Faze vs SK Gaming, Pick: SK Gaming -1.5

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