Eleague Major 2017 Betting Tips For Day 1

    Eleague Major 2017 Day 1

    Eleague Major starts on January 22, 2017. I have betting tips for all the matches happening on day 1 and where to bet on csgo for real money online. First, let’s start with csgo betting sites where you can bet for real money based on where you are located at the moment.

    CSGO Betting Sites For Eleague Major 2017

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    CSGO Eleague Major Betting Tips

    Match #1: Gambit vs North

    Pick: North ML at 1.543 (-184) odds.

    My pick is North to win this match. If you don’t know who North is, they are ex-Dignitas roster that signed with FC Copenhagen. After leaving Dignitas, North have something to prove to everyone including themselves. Because of this, they have a lot of pride and ill bet on a team with pride any day of the week.

    Match #2: Fnatic vs G2 Esports

    Pick: Fnatic ML at 1.649 (-154) odds.

    Honestly, this a match up that is hard for me to pick a winner. They both have the skills to beat each other. Also, it really comes down to which map they play on. Since we don’t know that at the moment, I will have to go with Fnatic on the moneyline.

    Match #3: SK Gaming vs Hellraisers

    Pick: SK Gaming ML at 1.413 (-242) odds.

    If I said Hellraisers would you believe me? Ha, me either. I am going with SK Gaming for this match. It feels like a safe bet. Don’t get me wrong, Hellraisers are known to win matches when they are the underdogs going into the match but I think SK Gaming is a strong team to stop Hellraisers from getting a win today.

    Match #4: Virtus Pro vs Optic

    Pick: Optic +2.5 at 1.988 (-101) odds.

    Everyone think VP is going to steam roll Optic to win the match or it’s going to be one hell of a battle for either team to win. Nobody thinks Optic is going to win but their fans. Guess what? I am one of those fans #GreenWall. Honestly, VP does have the skills but I believe in Optic. If somehow Virtus Pro wins this game, it will only be by 1 or 2 rounds. So I am betting on Optic to cover the spread.

    Match #5: Na’Vi vs Mousesports

    Pick: Na’Vi ML at 1.346 (-189) odds.

    Taking Na’Vi moneyline against mousesports should be easy money. Doesn’t matter what map they play, Na’Vi has better aim and teamwork than Mousesports. If I am wrong on this one, call me a wood 7 noob on the twitter account @MrDeposit.

    Match #6: Team Liquid vs EnVyUs

    Pick: EnVyUs ML at 1.606 (-165) odds.

    This is one of those 50/50 matches where I honestly would leave this alone. However, there is money to be made during the eleague major and we can’t let a chance get away from us. So I will pick the slightly better team (EnVyUs) on the moneyline.

    Match #7: Astralis vs GODSENT

    Pick: Astralis ML at 1.325 (-308) odds.

    First, let me explain somethings about these 2 teams before I get into why I picked Astralis. GODSENT is highly unpredictable, they could come into a match and fight it out or they can come into a match and completely wipe the other team. Astralis on the other hand, are favorites to win this whole tournament. You can’t just overlook that. The safe thing to do is bet on Astralis, make a small profit, and wait for a better to bet on against Astralis.

    Match #8: Flipsid3 vs Faze

    Pick: Flipsid3 +3.5 at 2.037 (+104) odds.

    This should be a really good match. Most believe Faze will win this match but I don’t think Faze will beat Slipsid3 by many rounds “IF” they win the match. So I am taking Flipsid3 against the spread. I believe they can cover the 3.5 rounds for this match-up.

    Eleague Major 2017 Picks Recap

    • North ML
    • Fnatic ML
    • SK Gaming ML
    • Optic +2.5
    • Na’Vi ML
    • EnVyUs ML
    • Astralis ML
    • Flipsid3 +3.5


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