DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Day 2 Results & Day 3 Predictions


    DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 day 2 results are in and just like my predictions went 6-2 in day 1, my day 2 results are 6-2. I must say CSGO betting is probably my best of all the esports with league of legends betting a close second. I spent the day watching all the matches. No surprise that Mirage was the most played map of day 2.

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    Group A Day 2 Results

    Complexity vs North: 4-16

    My pick was North. It wasn’t a surprise to me or anyone else that North won this matchon nuke. North is a strong team that destroys weak teams and battle it out with strong teams. They held control over this whole match as if nuke was their home. Complexity was the first of 4 teams eliminated from DreamHack Las Vegas.

    Astralis vs Optic: 16-9

    My pick was Optic. Ever since Optic beat Astralis in the eleague season 2 finals. Astralis make it a point to destroy Optic. It was so painful to watch I took a nap during the second half. I just knew Astralis was going to win the match. Woke up to the final score like yup, I knew it Astralis won and made it to the quarterfinals. The match was on nuke and it was the 5th match of the day. Optic still have a chance to make it to the quarterfinals.

    Group B Day 2 Results

    Misfits vs Fnatic: 9-16

    My pick was Fnatic. The map was mirage, Fnatic showed up to play and show us all why they was one of the best lineups for a team to ever have. But the problem is, they was facing Misfits so I don’t see how we could expect anything but a Fnatic victory. Misfits were the second team to get eliminated from the event.

    Virtus.Pro vs Gambit: 10-16

    My pick was Virtus.Pro. I knew it was going to be a close match no matter what map was picked. VP just wasn’t enough for Gambit on cobblestone. Gambit won the match and made it to the quarterfinals.

    Group C Day 2 Results

    TyLoo vs NiP: 5-16

    My pick was NiP. I knew there was no way NiP was going to be a 2 and out team. What was funny and a little sad about this match was TyLoo lost with the same score on the same map as they had on day 1 with a 16-5 lost on cobblestone. TyLoo was the 3rd team to be eliminated from DreamHack Las Vegas.

    SK Gaming vs Cloud 9: 16-6

    My pick was SK Gaming. I often go against logic when a team I like is playing but in this match on overpass wasn’t the case. I knew SK Gaming was going to win the match just didn’t know by how many rounds. I didn’t expect Cloud 9 to get destroyed 16-6.

    Group D Day 2 Results

    Renegades vs Na’vi: 6-16

    My pick was Na’vi. This match was on mirage. The one map where teamwork is a must. Without teamwork, victory will not be had on mirage. Na’vi shown how teamwork should look and it was just unlucky for Renegades they were on the receiving end of that dominance. Renegades was the last team to be eliminated from the event on day 2.

    Faze vs Mousesports: 10-16

    My pick was Mousesports. This match was also on mirage, I guess this map was best for both teams. When I tell you Faze did not make it easy for Mousesports to win match. It is a complete understatement. For awhile Niko didn’t make an impact but once he did. Mousesports picked Faze apart and won the match.

    DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Day 3 Predictions

    All these matches will now be best of 3.

    North vs. OpTic: Optic
    Fnatic vs. Virtus.pro: Fnatic
    NIP vs. Cloud9: Cloud 9
    Na’Vi vs. FaZe: Na’Vi

    I kind of pause on that C9 pick but the others I am sure of. I look forward to the North vs Optic match. Not just because Optic is my favorite team but I want to see how this plays out.


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