DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Day 1 Results & Day 2 Predictions

    dreamhack masters las vegas 2017

    DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 is here and I am loving it already. The first day showed me that I could prediction most matches but I didn’t want to give out csgo predictions before I seen a few teams play that I am not completely familiar with.

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    Group A Day 1 Results

    Astralis vs Complexity: 16-5, My pick was Astralis, this was expected to see Astralis win this match #1 ranked team going against #16 ranked team. Astralis had complete control on the map nuke, Complexity didn’t have a chance to win this match.

    North vs Optic: 11-16, My pick was Optic, this match truly was a 50/50 anybody could win because they were playing on the new inferno but I am an Optic fan so I went with them. It was a close match but you could see Optic had control and finished the match.

    Group B Day 1 Results

    Virtus.Pro vs Misfits: 16-12, My pick was Virtus.Pro, the reason I went with VP is because its a strong team and Misfits is the ex-TSM lineup which wasn’t impressive. The map was cobblestone which VP are really strong on so of course, they won but it was a close match. I guess Misfits put some time into the map.

    Fnatic vs Gambit: 8-16, My pick was Fnatic, this was my first lost on day 1. I didn’t expect the inferno gods to lose this on map. Fnatic played super aggressive and Gambit punished them for it every chance they got.

    Group C Day 1 Results

    SK Gaming vs TyLoo: 16-5, My pick was SK Gaming, you just don’t go against the Brazilians. Especially when they’re going up against a struggling Chinese team like TyLoo. SK Gaming control this match like we all expected them to do.

    NiP vs Cloud9: 14-16, My pick was Cloud9, my reason to pick Cloud9 over NiP was because C9 use to be my favorite team. I still cheer for them but the fire isn’t there. They haven’t shown me they truly want to win lately. Day 1 of dreamhack was that day to show they want to win. This match was so close from the start to the finish on overpass. It was so worth to watch it.

    Group D Day 1 Results

    Faze vs Renegades: 16-14, My pick was Faze, personally I don’t like Faze. Maybe its the fans that bother me. I was going to go with Renegades because of this but I rather go with the known than the unknown. I haven’t seen Renegades play so it was worth watching the match to learn their playstyle on mirage.

    Na’vi vs Mousesports: 12-16, My pick was Na’vi, I expected Na’vi to come out and win this match 16-10 but no. They made some mistakes that cost them the match and it didn’t help that Mousesports showed up to win. They were playing great counter-strike.

    DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 Day 2 Predictions

    CompLexity vs. North: North
    Misfits vs. Fnatic: Fnatic
    TyLoo vs. NIP: NiP
    Renegades vs. Na’Vi: Na’Vi

    Astralis vs. OpTic: Optic
    Virtus.pro vs. Gambit: Virtus.pro
    SK Gaming vs. Cloud9: SK Gaming
    FaZe vs. Mousesports: Mousesports


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