Online Casino Bonuses 2018

    casino bonus

    With the increasing popularity of online casino all over the world, the competition is tough and every casino brand wants to attract more and more players or sign ups. One of the strategy which is very common among all types of casino brands is Bonuses. Most of the Online Casino brands offer various online bonuses to attract new players. This has an increasing demand in 2018 as players get attracted to new free bonuses offered by these casino brands. We list here some of the new casino bonuses offered in 2018.

    Welcome Bonus

    Welcome bonus is one of the best bonus the online casino brands offer. This bonus is so popular because it offers the welcome bonus to all the new player. If a player deposit 300$, he will get extra 300$ free as a welcome bonus. The Online Casino Company matches the deposited amount and offer you the same welcome bonus as a onetime bonus. This may range from 50% to 200%. Most of the casino brands offer 100% welcome bonus.

    No Deposit Bonus

    This is also one of the bonus being offered by various casino brands. The new player does not have to deposit any money and can try the casino or a new game for free. The player does not deposit anything. Some online casino companies may require you to deposit some amount as a security which you may use later. Some game restrictions are applied here.

    Refer a friend Bonus: almost in every sector this bonus is used. Most of the companies offer you a bonus if you refer a friend who joins and play on the online casino website. This bonus may vary in price from company to company.

    bonusMonthly Bonus

    Monthly Bonus as the name says, it is paid to a player on a monthly basis. For example: a company may offer you 100$ as a bonus which you will receive on monthly basis. Say 20$ for 5 months. The bonuses may differ for different geo locations. So one should check carefully what offers are available in their geo location.

    There are many more bonuses available which differs for various online casino brands. All the bonuses offered by various brands works best for the new player as well as casino brand. The online casino company gets a new player and player gets some bonus to join. It’s beneficial for both parties and a very good way to attract new sign ups.


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