Let'em Ride-1.5 Million Jackpot

Jason M. from Wisconsin, USA signed up to Café Casino and started playing the maximum bet allowed to wager on Let ‘Em Ride an extremely popular game at Café Casino. The max bet allowed is $500 per hand and then on each street. This landed the high stakes casino player $1,501,500! When he got a Royal Flush that paid out 1000:1 on each bet.

“It’s life-changing moments like these that really make what we do worth it. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve had a hand in creating another millionaire. All the best to Jason, and here’s to providing more opportunities like this one to all our loyal players.” – Casino Manager, George Mallory at Café Casino

I can understand why, Let ‘Em Ride is a popular casino game at Café Casino with huge payouts like this jackpot. It surely gets slots players like myself interested in playing Let ‘Em Ride just to try my luck at hitting the jackpot. Want to give Café Casino a try for yourself? Click here for the first deposit bonus of 500% match up to $5,000.

If any of MrDeposit.com readers hit the jackpot at Café Casino. Please use the contact page for an interview via email. I would love to publish an article about our very own community.

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