Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons Sep 6th 2018
Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons Sep 6th 2018. Photo taken by Highlight Store

NFL week 6, Thursday night football, Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants on October 11th, 2018. You can watch the game on NFLN, FOX, and Amazon Prime or listen to the game on NFL Game Pass, Sirius XM, and TuneIn at 8pm EST.

Both teams are struggling so far this season. So I am going to look into the stats of each team and the history of the match up between these teams before making my NFL prediction. First lets watch the game preview presented by the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Game Preview

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Odds

Spread Odds: Eagles -3 (-115), Giants +3 (+105)
Moneyline Odds: Eagles (-155), Giants (+135)
Over/Under Odds: 44 (-110)
Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants odds was gathered from Bovada at the time of writing this article.

Eagles vs Giants History Against The Spread

Now lets go over the history of this match up against the spread from the last 10 games they played each other. Philadelphia has won against New York 8 of the last 10 games, beat the spread 6 times, and the over/under record is 7-3.

By looking at these betting stats, the smart pick would be betting on the Eagles for the moneyline, spread, and betting over for this Thursday night football game. However, each game is different so lets go over each team stats for this season so far.

NFL Team Average Stats: Eagles vs Giants

Philadelphia Eagles Stats

Offense Stats: Total yards: 363.8, Passing yards: 253, Rushing yards: 110.8, Points: 20.6
Defense Stats: Total yards allowed: 343.2, Passing yards allowed: 276.8, Rushing yards allowed: 66.4, Points allowed: 20.8

New York Giants Stats

Offense Stats: Total yards: 337.8, Passing yards: 262.2, Rushing yards: 75.6, Points: 20.8
Defense Stats: Total yards allowed: 353.8, Passing yards allowed: 229.4, Rushing yards allowed: 124.4, Points allowed: 25.6

From the look at these stats so far this season. You can see that the eagles offense better at rushing yards and total yards gained per game as well as their defense being better at stopping the run game and overall points allowed per game. However, the Giants offense is better at gaining passing yards and average .2 more points per game while their defense are pretty good at stopping the pass plays. Will this help the Giants win this game? I don’t know since their allows more points than the Eagles defense on average per game.

By looking at the average stats of each team so far this season. The numbers show that the Giants should get all the yards they average per game as well as the points and the defense should be at all to reduce the amount of yards the Eagles average per game but the Giants defense also allows 5 more points per game than the Eagles. So if we’re going by the numbers, it will come down to how well the Giants defense play or who gets the last field goal but the Giants should win this game.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Prediction

Now that we have looked at the teams match up against the spread and average stats per game. Its time for my prediction. I believe that the Eagles will manage to win this game by either a field goal or taking advantage of a Giants mistake in the 4th. I do believe both teams will end up scoring over 20 points each so I will say for my picks Eagles and the Over.

Eagles vs Giants Picks Recap

Against the spread stats picks – Moneyline: Eagles, Spread: Eagles, Over/Under: Over
Average stats pick – moneyline: Giants
My picks – Moneyline: Eagles, Over/Under: Over

Eagles vs Giants Week 6 Madden Simulation