The first football game for this season is Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, September 6, 2018 and can be watched on NBC. It’s been a long off season and I am sure, you are just like me is ready for some football action. Week 1 can be 50/50 yolo bet because anything can happen in week 1 as teams are trying to see what works and what doesn’t with their starting lineup.

Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds

Just looking at the odds for this game I see value in betting against the spread. With a one point spread its like betting on the moneyline but with better odds of winning the bet as well as better odds for your money.

Atlanta Falcons: Spread: +1.0 (-110), Moneyline: -105
Philadelphia Eagles: Spread: -1.0 (-110), Moneyline: -115
Over/Under: O 44.5 (-110), U 44.5 (-110)
Where To Bet For Real Money: Bovada

Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles Prediction

Both teams have made changes so its not guaranteed on knowing who will win this game. Its a big difference between betting on week 1 with little information vs betting on week 8 with tons of stats available to go over before making a pick. So in that regard, I will be going with the superbowl champs for week 1 game against the spread.

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Also, this season I will be making at least 1 prediction each week. Unlike other seasons where I posted as many predictions as I could or just didn’t post any at all. I want to make sure that each prediction that I give out is finally researched before publishing it and not just voicing my opinion on every game even though some games I have no interest in at all.

If you have a game you want me to give out a prediction on tweet me or use our contact page to a week before the game to give me time to research the stats, players, and which team is most likely to win.