Friday, June 21, 2024

About is focused on providing the latest news for sports, esports, online casinos, and online poker as well as betting tips for sports and esports. To keep this service completely free. income is commissions from affiliate program ads via recommended gambling sites as well as paid advertisement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help gamblers keep up to date on the latest news while giving out predictions so gamblers make the smart wager they can with the resources provided. Also, we are constantly investigating ways of helping the professional esports scene. Nothing will be done until we have a sizeable budget to do something that matters.

Why Help eSports?

Originally the founder of had a passion for esports titles such as Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, League of League, Overwatch, and Rocket Leauge. Continuing with that tradition we will be clearing the way for more information and development in esports.

Further considerations and discussions with team owners, coaches, tournament organizers, operators and sponsors and developing reliable esports writers.

Current Ideas

  • eSports Team – Owner/Coach
  • eSports Team – Sponsorships
  • eSports Tournament Sponsorships – Including esports titles.
  • Developing eSports Writers – Under consideration writer volunteers on